Kedar Editions was started in 1994 by Pauleen Hawthorne after years of experience in both commercial and fine art screen printing. The aim of Kedar is to create a showcase for selected artists who would like to edition their work.

Besides fine art silkscreen prints and books, Kedar are developing a range of paper products designed by artists. Randy Klein has designed a series of 6 limited edition greetings cards. Michael Adams has designed a series of limited edition wrapping papers on the theme of fish! Cards and paper are a economical way of purchasing art products with loose change.



by Randy Klein

Heavenly Aisles   (Supermarket, 1994) (Edition of 50) 120
Fruit & Veg  (Supermarket, 1994) (Edition of 50) 120
Biscuits  (Supermarket, 1994) (Edition of 50) 120
Checkout  (Supermarket, 1994) (Edition of 50) 120

Postage & Handling UK 2.50
Postage & Handling International 5

by Michael Adams

Nice I   1997  (Edition of 500) 150
Nice II (new print)   1999  (Edition of 500) 150
Nice III (new print)   1999  (Edition of 500) 150
Glacis (currently unavailable)  1994  (Edition of 500) 250
La Caze de Mme Renee  1994  (Edition of 500) 250
Keta  1994  (Edition of 500) 250

Postage & Handling UK 2.50
Postage & Handling International 5


by Randy Klein

Ferragosto  (1996) (Edition of 110) 90
il supermercato   (1994) (Edition of 100) 75

Postage & Handling UK 6
Postage & Handling International 12


Greetings cards by Randy Klein (each) 2.50
Fish wrapping paper by Michael Adams (each) 2.00

Minimum order value 40

Postage & Handling extra according to weight or shipment


By telephone, fax or letter from:

Kedar Editions
c/o Loddon Displays Ltd,
Unit C, 72-78 Station Road,
Guildford, Surrey GU4 8HD, UK 
Telephone: (0044) 1483 570397 Fax: (0044) 1483 302393 

UK cheques or International Money Orders must be made payable to
We regret we are unable to accept credit cards for the time being.

For further information please email us

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