The work of two artists, Randy Klein and Michael Adams is currently available from the Kedar Editions catalogue.

Prints by Randy Klein consist of a suite of 4 prints published in 1994 entitled il supermercato to complement the book of the same name.

Prints by Michael Adams fall into two distinct categories - prints of scenes from the Seychelles where Michael lives, and b. a suite of 3 prints of Nice. While the prints of the Seychelles and other islands are lavish with between 50 and 70 colours capturing the richness of the tropical islands, the prints of Nice are more spontaneous with 10 to 18 colours. The difference in styles reflects Michael's versatility. Only Nice I of the Nice suite is currently available - Nice II & Nice III are still in production. The Seychelles prints available through Kedar include -  La Caze de Mme Renee , Keta and Glacis (currently in production).

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