Despite great advances in modern technology, SCREENPRINT remains the most flexible of all print mediums.

Screenprint provides a tried and tested solution to a number of print needs with bright saturated colours that stand the test of time. At LODDON DISPLAYS, we print onto a huge range of materials for a variety of different print needs.

Screenprint is the ideal and prefered solution for POINT OF SALE needs and with Loddon Displays' expertise you can promote your merchandise with rich vibrant colours that will not fade. Whether you need acrylic blocks or shelf edgers, Loddon Displays is able to assist you to plan your job to satisfaction.

Rich flat colours such as specified Pantones, with or without half-tones, provide an immediate impact that is not possible through most other forms of print. 

 While offset-litho is restricted by materials it can print on, screenprint is able to accommodate a range of surfaces and even shapes making it an essential medium for PROMOTION & DISPLAY printing. At Loddon Displays we are experienced at everything from large styrene panels to stickers. 

Stickers, labels and self-cling window signs are ideally produced by screenprint. Using white or clear flexible PVC, we can print multiple line colour or four colour process at 80dpi. 

Screenprint is durable for outdoor use and proves very effective on marquees and awnings. As it bonds with the fabric, the ink can withstand being rolled and packed and is also fully weatherproof. 

Aluminium and other metal surfaces, glass and even wood present no problems for screenprint. Among the numerous INDUSTRIAL uses for screenprint are fascia and instrument panels, machine labelling and components for medical equipment. Health and safety signs are a regular part of Loddon Displays' production. 

Another important sector for screenprint applications is that of merchandise for MARKETING. Gift items such as diaries, clocks and even refrigerators can be embellished with screenprint. With extensive assembly and finishing facilities, Loddon Displays is able to take on entire projects and see them through to completion.




Signage printed on to PVC

Top of page

Shelf edgers in PVC & styrene sheets

Shelf edger in PVC sheets printed with 4 colour half-tone and die cut to shape

POS display blocks in clear acrylic

Hanging banner on black flexible PVC

Single colour printed on to 2cm white foamed PVC panels & finished with leaflet holders for POS

Acrylic promotional clock heat-bent and assembled. Also pre-assembled travel clock printed with logo

Acrylic display stands for Swatch watches heat-bent and glued

Large window display item in acrylic printed with 6 colours and heat bent to shape

Multiple colour reverse print onto self-cling PVC for display in cars and shop windows

Fascia panels sub-surface printed onto mark-resist PVC, adhesive backed and die-cut

Standard warning signs printed on to styrene and heat-bent to shape



Menu holders in clear styrene