Michael Adams
Michael Adams' website with a small selection of prints and a background of the artist. Michael worked with Kedar and Loddon Displays for around 25 years.

Randy Klein
An interesting use of the internet as a medium for a fine art project. Randy has worked with Kedar on several projects.

Web Museum
A virtual museum with some interesting content such as the exhibition and feature on Paul Cezanne.

Creighton-Davis, Washington DC
A large on-site inventory of old, modern and contemporary masters ranging from Rembrandt to Hockney.

Fine Art Forum
A virtual organisation and service of the Art, Science & Technology Network providing access
to a vast network with 11 years of experience on the Internet.

Metropolitan Museum of Fine Art, New York
Home page for this extensive site. Sometimes slow to access.

Tate Gallery, London
Well designed introduction to the Tate Gallery.

Brilliant web design pages with animation.